The Cerovac Caves are located in the extremely cave-rich Velebit Mountains and form the largest continuous cave complex in Croatia. They were discovered while the railway was being built in the 19th century during the twenties. In total, there are three caves: the lower, middle and upper cave. To date, up to 4 kilometers of the underground cave passages have been explored. Visitors can explore about 700 meters of the lower and upper cave. The upper cave is approximately 1.3 km long and the lower measures just short of 2.7 km. The cave in the middle is the smallest and only about 200 meters long. Guests are guided by lighted and paved paths and walkways throughout the cave complex.

During the tour you should scan the rocks well so that you can spot the traces of Croatian cave bears which once used the caves for shelter. Even large cave cats, wild horses, deer and brown bears are said to have stayed here, which numerous remains found today testify to. In addition to animal traces, human remains have also been found, precisely, a single shin of Homo sapiens fossilis, who is said to have lived during the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago as well as a bronze ax.

In addition to the animal and human finds discovered in 1924 by Nikola Turkalj, the Cerovac Caves also impress visitors with their wonderful, unique geological formations. Stalactites and stalagmites line the cave walls and ceilings in many forms and many colors, so that a true spectacle can be experienced underground. Since 1961, the Cerovac Caves have become a conservation area because of their unique beauty and numerous prehistoric finds.

Well-developed, but partly difficult paths lead from the entrance of the caves into the interior of the complex. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the lower cave. From there, it is a 10-minute journey to the upper cave. Due to the slippery terrain and the temperature of about 11 degrees Celsius, sturdy shoes and warm clothes are recommended.

The caves are located on the southern slopes of the Velebit Mountains, just a few kilometers from Gracac. To reach the caves, you should take highway 1 towards Knin. The drive to Zadar takes about 1 hour. The caves are open from early April to late October and guided tours leave every hour between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. On holidays and weekends, they are open from 10.00 AM-6:00 PM. Admission costs around 6 Euro. In the wintertime, guided tours of 10 or more are available by appointment. (As of 2015)


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